Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Staying Connected

Common ways we connect with family, friends and co-workers.

With Easter just passing, I thought I would do a quick post on connecting.  My family (brothers and sisters, plus all of the nephews and nieces) live across several states.  We have been like this for years.  When there is a fairly big event, we all try to get together.  One year many of us flew over to the East Coast to watch our niece graduate from Clemson.  Before that, we had flown to Boston to watch a nephew graduate from Boston College. 

With this Coronavirus and the Stay-at-home orders, it took us this long to think of a way to celebrate with everyone remotely.  So I used Zoom to connect with everyone this past Easter.  I think it was the first time for some to use their laptop camera.  We even had our mom on by dialing in to listen and talk.  The picture below is the crew from our view.

I have been doing conference calls with co-workers and customers for years from my home office.  Up until now, it was unique.  Now just about everyone I connect with is working from home. 

There used to be a background noise etiquette.  Such as... you shouldn't have your pet barking or making noise.  Kids knew the rules to not disturb me when my office door was closed.   Now, anything goes.  I hear lawn mowers, garbage trucks, kids yelling, and TV playing in the background. 

I am also seeing more and more people getting use to using the camera for a video conference.  Digital transformation is happening at a very fast rate.

Our Scout Troop is holding weekly meetings via Zoom and other conferencing tools.  I think it is very cool how we can adapt fairly quick.

Ok... until next time...

Be Prepared!

Scouter Steve

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