Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Smile

If you have been around me a little bit you will discover I have my nose into a self-development book or I am listening to an audible book.  I've been listening to Dale Carnegies book "How to Win Friends & Influence People".   Once you get to know the principles, you can practice your Jedi mind tricks.  Watch out my friends.   Anyway, one of the principles is to SMILE more.  In Scouting, if you look at the ranks from Second Class on up... there is a Scroll.  The scroll is to remind us Scouts to smile regardless of the task.

There's a lot of success principles being taught to our scouts. 

So get out there and do something with a smile!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Scoutmaster vs Coach

I was recently talking to some friends about being a Scoutmaster.  It dawned on me that a Scoutmaster is like a coach.   A coach teaches fundamentals of the sport.  Things like how to kick a soccer ball on the inside or the outside of the foot.  How to pass that soccer ball to teammates.  A Scoutmaster teaches fundamentals about how to set up a campfire and how to be safe around one.  Coaches can be tough on their players to get them to perform.  At times Scoutmasters have to be tough on the scouts for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes its for safety reasons and sometimes its for the deeper life lesson. 
I know some sport coaches will teach character, teamwork, and leadership.  In scouting, we teach so much more that the Scouts will be able to use in their life... First Aid, Community Service, Personal Managements (time and money), Physical Fitness, Chemistry, Nature, Cooking, and group leadership and project management... to name a few.

I recently read in a troop guide that meetings are like practices and campouts are like games.

Below in the picture... teaching the fundamentals of throwing a tomahawk.