Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Gratitude goes a long way...

Thought I would hit on this topic a little bit today.  Since there is a lot of negativity and uncertainty with this COVID-19 thing.

If we start our day giving thanks that we woke up and are still on the correct side of the grass, that will help us start the day off in the right direction.  It is easy to jump into the complaints or get sucked into world events on the news. 

When you are not feeling good about the situation, you have to stop and give thanks for anything that comes to mind.  That will help shift your mind to positive things around you.  This could be for the weather, the birds outside, the cookie you just ate, your kids, your spouse, your car, the cup of coffee or whatever you see next.  Find something to be happy and thankful about... keep going until your mood shifts.

In The Steve & Steve Show, I talked about a Gratitude Rock. I give these little rocks out at Scout meetings to the scouts and give them an understanding on how to use it.  Check the show out.  This one is a favorite.

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