Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bad Weather and Good Character

Our district put on a Camporee.  It was rescheduled from an earlier snow storm two weeks ago.  Go Figure that this weekend... it snows again.  The good thing our troop was ready for the weather.  We had the right gear and the right attitude.  Other troops had a lot of new scouts in their troop and they were not ready.  On Saturday afternoon, the medics decided it wasn't safe for a good majority and closed down the event.   I believe our troop was prepared mentally and physically.  They all had a great attitude.  These are the trips that help build character!

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Our troop was selected to participate in the Philmont Trek this June.  I've been to Philmont before, so I have a good idea what to expect.  The part that scares me the most, is that our trek is scheduled for early June.  With May being a busy month for graduations, confirmations, track meets, and school finals, it will make it hard for our crew to be completely ready.  

This spring has been difficult with the weather as well.  The Denver area keeps getting spring snow storms.  Although the snow melts quickly here, it seems to snow on the weekends when we need the time to do practice hikes.

We were able to get out to the trails this past weekend.  We went up to Halls Ranch near Lyons, CO.  There is a 10 mile loop.  We had 7 crew members with us.  One of the boys decided weight was important.  Which I could not disagree.  He put two 25 pound weights and a 10 pound weight in his pack.  If we add in all the other stuff he was carrying, we think he got up to 70 pounds.  Well by the time we hit mile 2, 35 pounds needed to be shifted to other packs.

The 10 miles was good. No one complained about blisters.  So I'm feeling the boys will do well.  They all should be walking and working out over the next 7 weeks before we go down to Philmont. 

Like anything... preparing and conditioning your body is going to be a key to a fun and successful trip.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Be Prepared

So now that I am a Scoutmaster, I am suppose to do a Scoutmaster's Minute at our meetings.  Since the boys run the troop meetings, I don't know when I am going to actually get my minute.  I had one Senior Patrol Leader who wouldn't give me the opportunity.  He made Eagle recently and I told him I have stored up all those minutes for his Court of Honor.

Be Prepared...

It sounds like a simple Motto.  This was the topic I used at the last scout meeting.  I have a lot of Scouts coming from baseball practice, martial arts, and piano practice to name a few activities.  I have been telling my scouts, that they know our meetings are every Monday night.  They should leave the house prepared for the day and that includes being ready for Scouts.  They wouldn't show up to their other events without the items they need, right?   Can't practice football without pads and a helmet.   Can't practice piano without music sheets.  So why not Scouts.  I expect my Scouts to come in uniform, something to write on, a pen, neckerchief, slide, and their scout book.

You just need to think a little ahead...  For work, if we have a presentation, we don't just show up.  We think about it and bring PowerPoints, our computers and handouts.  For Dinner, we wash our hands.  For Church, we dress nice and mentally get ready.  There are many, many things we need to Be Prepared for.

Somewhere in my Scoutmaster's minute I will work in something to support the parents at home.  I'll mention homework and chores.

Until next time...