Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The List

The other day I was working with a scout on one of his merit badges.  I'm not exactly sure how we got onto the topic, but we started to talk about the Scout Law.  I noticed something interesting...

When I was in college, I had learned that when you give a speech or give a list, people will remember the first item and the last item on the list.  I assume its just the way we are with all of the stuff coming and going in our heads.  I was taught, if you want someone to remember the most important items on your list, put them either at the begining or at the end.  Which means the first item and the last item on the list must be the most important out of the list. 

When I looked at the Law (its on the right, if you need to look at it) the first word is TRUSTWORTHY and the last word is REVERNT.    Ponder on those two words for a little bit...

Turstworthy as I have discussed is being someone that people can trust.  It also includes trusting yourself and your abilities.  Keeping your word; doing what you said you would do.

Reverent is having the realization that God is in your life and making sure you pay your respect with gratitude, worship and following his teachings. 

In conclusion, you need to be trustworthy and give time to God.  Interesting isn't it?

Lead by Example,

Scouter Steve