Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making Time

Wow! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun or in most of our cases...just heads down busy. My last posting was back in September. That is crazy. It's already the New Year, and we're getting ready to cross into February.

My last posting was about 100 days to the end of the year. I challenged everyone to set a 100 day goal. I completed mine. I was able to move my family into our new house. Now, we just need to finish some of the remodeling projects. This brings me back to my title, Making Time. I've neglected this site and I know I need to make time for it. Most importantly, part of my time away from the computer at night is time with my kids.

Both of my boys are in scouts and are currently playing basketball. My daughter is taking up piano lessons. With our busy schedule of working and remodeling our house, we've made time for our kids.

It is important to every kid to have their mom and dad make time for them. With scouting, that is a perfect excuse to spend time with your kids. Spend time making a pinewood derby car, time taking a hike, time playing a game, or just time sitting with them at their den meeting. It goes a long way and it is the time that the kids appreciate the most.

Lead by example,

Scouter Steve