Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Ceremonies Matter

I've written about Ceremonies before.   I believe the event of the ceremony is important for a couple of reasons.

First, the person participating in the ceremony gets a marker or milestone.  If they have completed a step, the ceremony helps them take it in at a conscious level and sub-conscious level.  This is also the same for something that they begin.  So a wedding ceremony would be an example of a ceremony that kicks-off a phase.  Let's think about the psychological impact for the participants.  They have that celebration moment.  It helps them realize the importance of the accomplishment.  It gives them the specific title they sought out to achieve, like "Eagle Scout" or "Graduate".   You might have heard of the Impostor Syndrome.  This is when someone is granted a job or responsibility and they don't feel like they deserve the position or the job.  In most cases, the individual does deserve the job and are very capable of performing that job.   So if you think about this, perhaps in your own situation, you can see how this would help with someone's confidence.

The second main reason is not so much the participant, but for the spectators.  When I go to Eagle Scout Ceremonies or Court of Honors, I like seeing the younger Scouts in the audience and participating or helping with the ceremony.  It's having the younger scouts see an older scout make it to the goal line.  This gives them a visual that someone can achieve the goal.  This is the same for Graduation.  The younger scout can actually say "Wow... I want to do that too"  or "If that guy can do it... I can do it."   

Take ceremonies seriously,  if it is for you, congratulations.  Remember there is a bigger impact to your mindset.  Additionally, there is an impact to your guest or others that are invited.

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