Thursday, July 5, 2018

Independence Day & Reflection

Yesterday was America's Independence Day, July 4th.  You are probably thinking... this is going to be a posting about freedom and patriotism.  It certainly could be.  What came to my mind was that it is July!  We are in the 7th month of the year.  2018 is half way over... holy cow!  We have 6 months to complete our 2018 goals.   How did that happen?

The great thing about our Independence Day... is that it is half-way through the year and a great time for us to celebrate the Independence and our Country's birth.  Also, a great time to do some reflection and a check-in on your goals.  So how are you doing?

For myself, in some areas I am well ahead of plan.  For most of my goal areas, I need to get on it and get focused to get them done.

How are you doing?   You have 6 months to go.. time to get back on track!

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