Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year !! 2018

A New Year and a Fresh Start.  Most people will be or have already set their New Year Resolutions.  I was walking in Walmart earlier and noticed all the exercise equipment, diet food and supplements, and some organizational supplies out in the middle of the isles or where people had to practically walk into them.  The goofy thing is that most people will give up on these resolutions by the 15th of January.  I guess that's when I'll go back to the gym.

I was thinking about goal setting over the holidays.  There's some ties to Scouting with goal setting.  As each Scout moves through requirements and ranks, they set out to hit those goals.  Scouters and especially Eagle Scouts are Goal Setters and Goal Achievers.   Perhaps this is why there is a high number of Eagle Scouts in leadership roles.  When I first started volunteering as an adult leader it was back in the later 1990's.  I remember reading that there was more than 90% of the U.S. Astronauts were Eagle Scouts.  I think that number has come down since then... but it was an impressive number.  I remember reading recently that we have 37 members of Congress that had a Scouting background.  If you were to search for famous Eagle scouts, it wouldn't take long to find some and to be impressed by it.

Our troop will be having their first meeting soon... they can count on the 'Scout Master's Minute' to be about goal setting.

Hope you take time to think about your 2018 goals.  A key is to write them down and visit the goals regularly.  Okay... you should review them daily.

Happy 2018 Scouting to you!

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