Thursday, September 16, 2010

On my honor...

I had an interesting conversation with my neighbor this past week.  He is a retired real estate professional.  I was out with my boys going door to door selling popcorn.  When we got to my neighbor’s house he was working in his garage.  For fun and for some money he trains horses and sells carriages.
We talked about his carriages. He told me he changed suppliers from a company in Poland to a group in Pennsylvania. The group in Pennsylvania is Amish.  He said he had a hand shake agreement with a gentleman to supply him his carriages.  He couldn't believe the arrangement.  What was interesting is that his last supplier from Poland...lied to him just about a 100% of the time.  My neighbor told me that he is a seasoned man and had been in the real estate business, but he had never been lied to before in his life.

I thought wow!  I'm considerably much younger than he is and I've been lied to by a lot of people.  I think we all have been.  I am certainly not impressed with the jokers we send to Washington and I'm certainly not impressed with a lot of CEO's and executives lately.  Just look at the news and you can find a story where some top executive is headed to jail or is under investigation.
So why has our society moved to this state?  Can't we work under some values?  This is why I started my blog and why I volunteer so much of my time to the Boy Scouts. We need to start somewhere and perhaps we can influence our youth to be REAL leaders.  The Boy Scouts teach our young leaders about honor and trustworthiness.
Help me by helping the Boy some popcorn, encourage a boy to join Scouts, be a merit badge counselor, or purely make a donation.  It’s our Nation’s and our world’s future!
BTW, my Eagle Scout.  How cool is that?
Lead by Example,
Scouter Steve

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