Monday, August 9, 2010

Video Game Belt Loop?

When I first heard about this belt-loop, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was at a Blue & Gold to help some Webelos cross over to Boy Scouts. I kept hearing the Cub Scout leader read out “Video Belt-loop.” I thought, what did they do make up their own belt-loop. I asked another adult that was sitting at my table if he was hearing the same thing I was hearing. So as soon as I got home, I jumped on the internet and found this “Video Game” belt-loop. I had to laugh. What is Scouting coming to? I couldn’t believe that it was a real award. After all, if you look at the word “Scouting”; 75% of the letters spell “outing” as in the outdoors. Good Greif! But then, I read the requirements…

Belt Loop Requirements from

Complete these three requirements:
1. Explain why it is important to have a rating system for video games. Check your video games to be sure they are right for your age.

2. With an adult, create a schedule for you to do things that includes your chores, homework, and video gaming. Do your best to follow this schedule.

3. Learn to play a new video game that is approved by your parent, guardian, or teacher.

There even more requirements for the more ambitious scouts that want to earn the advance pin award.

These requirements all make sense to me now. It’s geared towards safety and taking care of responsibilities. It gives adults or parents an opportunity to have a good conversation with these scouts about playing video games in a safe way. Heck, it’s a part of life.

It goes to show that Scouting adjusts their program to be relevant for todays’ culture.

I have to admit, not that I thought about it too much before; I had earned the computer merit badge when I was in Boy Scouts. Back then there were 4 requirements. Now there is 9 requirements to work on and it does include Internet safety. Although, the computer merit badge is geared toward career exploration, not playing games.

I guess I should be more surprised that the Video Game belt-loop didn’t come out earlier.

With all of the different gaming systems out there, we should encourage these guys, but do it in a manner that doesn’t affect their noodle too much.

What are your thoughts on this belt-loop?

Lead by example,

Scouter Steve

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