Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 Points, 3 Priorities!

The other day I was helping a few newly crossed over scouts earn their first rank, the Scout Rank. One of the requirements was to describe the scout badge. The Scout badge has the flour de lei emblem, which represents the 3 points or part of the Scout Oath. The first point is “Duty to God and Country”, the second point is “to help others at all times”, and the last one is keep one self physically strong and mentally awake.
I found it interesting, when I was in Primerica Financial Service, my RVP, kept reminding the team his three priorities; God, Family, and then Business.

I started to see 3 things everywhere from there. Oh back to scouting…

So God and country come first, go to church and be patriotic. Respect our military and our flag.

Then help someone out. You should do this every day. The Scout slogan is “Do a good turn daily”. This can be as simple as holding a door open or saying “Hello!” to a stranger. You never know when they need a friendly face to make them feel better.

The last priority is taking care of yourself. There are two parts to this one. The first one is to keep yourself in good physical condition. Eat right and exercise regularly. For me, my wife helps me eat better. I also have started to run. I’ve registered for the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day. So I am out and about in Longmont, running here and there. However, being active in Scouts keeps you moving. The second point is mentally awake. There is a lot here. You can be aware of the situation; is it dangerous or safe? You could be awake during a class or lecture versus day dreaming. You could be aware of how you are thinking; is it positive or negative. If you don’t think you are mentally awake, then you should go read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book will elevate your awareness. Even if you are awake, go read the book and study it. You might find out that you weren’t awake.

What are your priorities?

Lead by example!

Scouter Steve

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