Sunday, July 12, 2009

To Keep Physically Strong

This week the main focus of my thoughts relates around part of the Scout Oath, “…To keep physically strong;”

I do not know if it was helping one of the Scouts with the swimming merit badge or preparing for a 4-mile backpacking trip, but I certainly have the bug to do more exercise than I have in the past. Therefore, this past couple of days, I picked up a Running magazine, walked every day, and took my kids out for a long bike ride through the neighborhood.

There are many benefits of doing some sort of exercise every day. A couple of the benefits that I enjoyed these past couple of days is the time to think and the time to enjoy the nice weather we have been receiving.

This is one area of the Scouting trail I need to practice better. It certainly was much easier to stay physically active and keep physically strong when I was younger. I am grateful that my kids keep me moving with scouting activities. I am certainly looking forward to a canoe trip and a backpacking trip.

The challenge I have for you this week is to take a walk through your neighborhood, go for a jog, take the stairs, or do something that you have not done in a while that involves physical activity.

Lead by example,

Scouter Steve

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