Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Scout is ... Brave.

There are 12 points to the Scout Law. You can review the list that I posted on this blog. I try to live by these laws as much as possible. No one is perfect; all we can do is do our best to lead by example. My original intentions of this blog is to go through the laws one at a time in order. However, this past week, I have been really thinking about the 10th law, Brave. So I'll just post about what I think is coming to me at the time and how it relates to Scouting.

When I was growing up and in scouts, I would remind myself that a Scout is Brave at times I faced something I wasn't comfortable doing. My first time sleeping alone in a tent was a bit scary, and I remember how nerve racking that was. The Scout Law got me through that event.

Now that I am an adult, I still rely on the 10th law. Especially when moving across the country from Arizona to Minnesota... or taking on a new position at work where there is no manual or another person to model after.

Recently, I've leaned on this law when I created this blog. This has to be very similar to public speaking. I've told my mastermind group that this is like putting your fanny out into the wind for everyone to smack. I've stepped outside the comfort zone to share my passion of scouting and what it can do.

Another recent example of leaning on the Scout Law is committing to a special project. This past winter I was asked to be part of a book project. I leaned on the Scout Law and committed to becoming a co-author to a book about masterminds. The book is expected to come out later this month. You can learn about the book at There is some excitement to be part of a great project, but it is also a bit scary. My thoughts and words will now be in print. Very similar to posting a blog.

This posting is about being brave and leaning on the 10th law. What I hope you will understand is that a Scout leans on all of the laws to get through life challenges. The Scout Law and the Scout Oath are guides for everyday decisions. If you are a scout I'm sure you can relate or have similar experiences throughout your day when times are unclear. If you're not a scout, do you have some guides that you can lean on?

Yours in Scouting... Scouter Steve.

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